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Illuminated LED Straight Bench

Jumbo LED Glow Bucket

LED Cruiser Table

LED Curved Bench Seating

LED Globe Table

LED Podium

Monte Carlo Illuminated Party Bar

VIP Seating Area

Anniversary Party

Branded LED Cube Wall

Cocktail Party

Cocktail Reception Furniture and Decor

Corporate Events

Illuminated Display Columns

LED Backdrop Wall

LED Nursery Night Lights

LED Star

Outdoor Bar & Cocktail Lounge

Photo-op Display

Red Carpet Decor

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Window Decor

Cocktail Cruiser Tables

Illuminated Mingling Station

LED Double Palm Trees

Surprise Birthday Party

Cocktail Party Decor

Sweet 16 Party

Tradeshow Displays

Illuminated Food Station

LED Sports Balls

Kid's Birthday Parties

LED Bench Seating - Outdoors

InsideOut Festival 2019

LED Birch Trees

Bar Mitzvah Decor

Illuminated DJ Setup

Outdoor Illuminated Birthday Party

Themed Centerpieces

LED Centrepieces

LED Planters & Garden Accessories
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