Customizable Decals

Aura Effect realizes the importance of customizing products and tailoring them to your liking. This is why we have created an on-site printing shop at our Scarborough show room location with experienced printing staff to offer customized vinyl decals on all of our LED glow products.
Vinyl decals can be created using any images, logos, text and personalized messages you desire which are seamlessly applied by our expert staff to all of our LED furniture and decor.
These decals can be applied to any and all of the square footage on our furniture and décor. This service is ideal for clients looking to advertise or promote their company’s brand and products. Not only is it an eye catching and unique way to advertise, it’ll ensure guests of your event leave remembering the stellar display.


1.Finalize your bar menu and have a decal of the available drinks printed on the front of our 360 degree bar.
2. Celebrate your guest(s) of honour by having their name(s) or image(s) on the glow décor.
3. Brand all of the furniture and décor with your companies name and logo so no one will forget who’s throwing the biggest bash of the year.

Prices for vinyl decals are based upon consultation and volume. We recommend that clients place their decal and image orders two weeks in advance for the highest quality service.

Colour Options

LED Furniture Remote

Our LED products are capable of displaying SIXTEEN different colours with the added options of strobe, flash, fade and smooth transition to other colours.

The greatest quality about our LED glow furniture and décor is that it’s adaptable to any theme and event because of the wide range of colour options.

Upon delivery your order will come fully charged with batteries guaranteed to last between ten to twelve hours. For multiple night events our LED products can be easily charged overnight to ensure maximum colour display. Our delivery personnel will ensure your event planner fully understands how to properly charge all of the furniture and décor.

All of our orders are delivered with multiple and easy to use pocket sized remotes that control the colour and display options. We’ve worked tirelessly to simplify the display process for our clients to ensure they have less work and more time to celebrate with their guests.

Our LED furniture and décor is of the highest quality but having so many different colour and display options is what really elevates the products and your event to another level.

Colour Options

LED Furniture Remote

Introducing Aura’s newest series of Illuminated LED Furniture and Décor, the Cyclone Series.

Aura is proud to present these stunning pieces with the display option of 300 different lighting effects offering customizable speed and brightness capabilities .

Our cyclone series can be battery charge powered for up to 12 hours or electrically powered through an outlet for unlimited event use.

The LED cyclone series is easily adaptable to any event and creates stunning visual effects that will impress your guests and leave a lasting impression.

Our creative development team at Aura works tirelessly to provide our clients with the most inventive and sought after products to consistently raise the bar in event lighting and décor. We are thrilled to have created the very first of its kind, The Cyclone Series.

Event planners, get excited!

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If you're planning a meeting or conference we can help you design your stage for panel discussions, think tank rooms, signage, cocktail lounges and receptions desks.
Our LED functional furniture and decor is portable and wireless which makes transforming area's quick and easy. Branding is available - the more creative the better! Let's get started!

Meeting & Conference Setups
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